My Daughter’s Special Gift

My daughter with special needs is nearly 12 years old.  Over the years people have told me that we are all put on this earth for a reason.  I think we have found our daughter’s reason.

She is a beautiful, social and extremely happy girl who makes a difference wherever she goes.  People say to us that she has the power to make them feel good.  She has a wonderful ability to cheer people up or put a smile on everyone’s face.  We often have people say to us “I was feeling down until she came along.. you can’t help but smile when she is around you”.  At first I thought this was just family members but over time I have realised that I think it is her special gift to the world.  Just like Jasper in Twilight I believe she has the mood changing ability and if not it is a wonderful ability she shares.

When she enters a room she may appear small in stature but give her an hour and she will own it.  She would have gone around and talked to, cuddled or sat on everyone’s lap.  If your lucky she may even allow you to get her food or a drink.  After an hour she would have touched everyone’s heart in the room.

She is our beautiful girl with an amazing spirit.  

I just hope she stays like this and that as she gets older her experiences in life don’t change her.  That is why I am trying to make life easier for her and others like her.