Life Might be Easier BUT …

I was driving along one afternoon, with my son in the front and my daughter with special needs in the back. She was looking out the window fixated on the outside world and absorbing the scenery as we drove by.  My son said to me “God she’s gorgeous. I can’t imagine life without her.” He then said, “life might be easier but it wouldn’t be better.”  The car went silent… We were both sitting there obviously thinking about this alternate life. 

I quickly came to the realisation that life would be greatly different.  I told my son that day.  “If we didn’t have her I would probably still be at my old job, working long hours and although working with friends not really enjoying my job.  I would be away from home from 7.30am until 5:45pm each day and so he wouldn’t be able to do all the sports and activities that he has been able to do over the years as we wouldn’t be able to get him there.”  However, the most significant thing that came to my mind while thinking about a life without my daughter was that I am a much better person with her in my life.

Having her has made me a much stronger person. Even though at times our lives have been a roller coaster ride of emotions and challenges as a result of her disabilities I am a happier person now.  I have had to become a lot more patient, a trait that I didn’t really have before she came along. 

As a result of having my daughter, I became a teachers aide for special needs students as I wanted to help other children and families with the challenges of schooling.  I love my job and I am able to spend time more time with my children.  I get to take my children to activities that they love like soccer and swimming.  We play soccer in the backyard after school and sit and cuddle on the lounge and watch TV together.  Even the jobs that I use to hate like cooking tea and bathing are now enjoyable as I appreciate and make the most of the time we spend together and cherish every moment.

Yes, having our daughter has changed our lives…. but all for the better!  She is such a character and continuously makes us smile and laugh.

So now when I have those days where I ask myself, WHY US?  I can confidently answer this and say to myself, “so we can be the happy, amazing family we are now”.