The Future Looks Brighter

During our lives we meet inspirational people who change our outlook on life and on the future.

This has been happening to me this year while I’ve been doing my presentations and sharing our daughters story in relation to her disabilities and mainstream schooling and her communication journey.  I’ve met young adults with disabilities who through adversity have become successful . By successful I mean they are happy, they are doing jobs they love and being an integral part of society. Now isn’t that what we all want for all of our children regardless of their ability.

I have meet young non verbal adults with other disabilities as well, just like our daughter, who are attending uni, have great jobs and have great social networks.

These young adults are all amazing and have made the future look so much brighter for me when thinking about the future for our daughter.  I can now see that there are lots of opportunities for her once she leaves school.

I will continue to give her the opportunities to grow as a person and find her way.  For her to work out who she is,  what she wants to do and her passions in life.  The only difference is now I truly believe anything is possible.

The future looks so much brighter!!


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