My Conference Presentation – AGOSCI Biennial Conference

Next Thursday I am continuing on my journey and will be doing a 30 minute presentation at the AGOSCI Biennial Conference at the Hilton Hotel in Sydney.  AGOSCI is a group who represent people with complex communication needs.

It is a great 3 day conference full of interesting and informative sessions on various issues concerned with complex communication needs.  These vary from communication methods and devices to saliva control and mealtime assistance.

My presentation covers our AAC (alternative and augmentative communication) journey, what has worked for us, what hasn’t and how the use of the Ipad is helping successfully connecting her to the community.

I discuss how our AAC journey began with our daughter’s diagnosis of severe verbal dyspraxia and the introduction of signing at 18 months.  Since this time we have tried PODD communication books, boardmaker/PEC pictures, Dynavox M3, which is a voice output device and enabled her to have an audible voice, through to today with the introduction of a communication app on her Ipad. I discuss her Ipad communication app, called Touchchat, and how I have personalised the app specifically for her to enable greater chance of success.

Our daughter at the age of 11 years has only about 15 spoken words.  However she is a very competent communicator through the use of her spoken words, signing, gestures, expressions and her Ipad.  If one of the methods doesn’t work then she will attempt another.  Usually with success.  She is very good at getting her message across.

If you are going to be at this conference I would love to meet you.


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