Special Needs – Sitting the Naplan – Part 2 – Tips for Sitting the Exam

So you have decided you want your child to sit the Naplan and this is the right choice for your child and your family.  You may now like to refer to the Naplan website or consult with your school as your special needs child may be eligible for adjustments to the exam.  “Adjustments are provided to students with disability to support access to the tests and encourage maximum participation.  These adjustments are detailed in the National Protocols for Test Administration.”

It states on the website “Adjustments should generally reflect the kind of support and assistance provided in the classroom for assessment activities in order for students to demonstrate what they know and can do”.  So it will depend on the funding level of your child and also what type of assistance they get in the normal course of their school day as to what adjustments may be available to them during the Naplan.

Some of the adjustments that are be available to students include:

  • Extra time and/or rest breaks
  • Electronic Test Formats.  Enables students to type answers but students must use a assistive technology like a computer in class
  • A scribe (someone to write for the student).  I have been a scribe and I recommend that if this is available to your child that the student and the scribe practice this procedure prior to the exam as the student needs to tell the scribe punctuation, paragraphs etc and this takes a little time to get use to.
  • Reading to students (only certain information, not everything can be read)
  • Braille
  • Large print
  • Black and white books may be copied onto coloured paper as disability adjustments

If you want to know more refer to the Naplan website (see link  below) it is quite useful.  It also has some scenarios to help you or your school work out whether your child is eligible.  Some students may be eligible for more than one adjustment.  If you think your child may be eligible for any of these adjustments or you would like to know if they are speak to your school as early as possible so any applications that may need to be done can be submitted and also so your child can do some practice exams using their adjustments.



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