Everyone needs a break sometimes

Hi everyone, I’m back!  I have just had a long weekend away with my darling husband in New Zealand.  He has had to go there for work so we made the most of it and spent four days just the two of us to celebrate our 15th Wedding Anniversary.

We very rarely take the opportunity to go away and spend time together just the two of us. In fact it is only our second holiday together without children in 13 years.  The last one was only six months ago when we went with friends to Bali.  Since our Bali trip we realised how important it is for any relationship and especially one where you have an added stresser of a special needs child to make sure you get a break and also to make sure time is spent on your relationship as it is very easy to get caught up and neglect each other.

We are only now just starting to look into respite care.  It isn’t something our families necessarily have agreed with us doing up to now as they believe they are there to help and it isn’t needed.  However, we have decided it is time to start looking into options that suit our family.

If anyone can give me their thoughts on respite and what has or hasn’t worked for them we would appreciate it.


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